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By deploying our AI platform, we accelerate your digital transformation and fuel your business growth quickly.

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Artificial Intelligence Services

Leveraging the power of AI technology, we assist companies modernize, automate, and transform to this world of digital.

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AI Mobile App Development Company

No.1 AI Development Company

USM is all set to deliver flexible data-driven and cloud-enabled AI Services and Solutions that unlock hidden digital opportunities and Increase your Business Scalability.

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Machine Learning

Application Development

Services & Solutions.

We build next-generation and most advanced ML Solutions and applications that help you make insightful decisions and deliver personalized experiences to your targeted audience.

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We are focused on providing our clients with the highest level of quality and customer service.

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Increase AI Capabilities.
Boost Productivity.

USM is a leading AI Development Company engaged in offering Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services and Solutions, Mobile App Development, and Cloud Migration services. Being the Best AI Company, we help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation with our AI applications and analytics. We also deliver trusted HR Management Services to both MNCs and SMEs. Our AI-powered HR management solutions bring automation across your HR processes.
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Innovation as our core business value, we endeavor to modernize and boost your business productivity and profitability.


We play a critical role in helping our clients' businesses run efficiently in this digital era with advanced tech solutions.


We together committed to run our business with integrity, transparency, and excellence to surpass client expectations.


We create and implement strategic AI business objectives systematically to get desired results that meet the company's vision.

Customized AI App Development Services & Solutions

We stood as a leader in Artificial Intelligence with our continuous innovation. With a group of AI developers, ML experts, marketing consultants, we help clients automate and redesign their workflows, IT processes, and rustic applications. Our custom services are molded based on the unique needs of each client and deliver solutions that work best to enhance their market value in the market.
Workforce Management Services

Top-notch Staff Augmentation Service Provider for all your needs

Driven by over two decades of experience in delivering innovative and results-oriented workforce solutions, USM is undoubtedly the best IT staff augmentation service provider. We offer Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingent Workforce Solutions, and Full-time / Permanent staffing solutions to our global clients. Here are more resources on Staffing And Recruiting.

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Cutting-edge AI App Development Solutions for A Better Future

Technology is advancing to help organizations become more agile, competitive, and profitable. No doubt, you can energize your business performance by investing in a mobile app. We design and develop a range of user-friendly Native Mobile Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps with improved visibility and accessibility, and the ability to expand our customers brand recognition in the market. Read more on AI In Mobile APP Industry.

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AI-driven app solutions to transform your rustic business into a world of digital.

USM Business Systems is the one-stop solution for all trending and popular mobility services, that uses advanced technologies like AI to develop eye-catching mobile apps.

We are a well known AI mobile app development company in the USA, and we work on various emerging technologies like ChatBotAR, and VR to deliver top-quality applications.

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Data Quality Solutions : DQ Sense

Our proprietary software products including Data Quality Assessment Manager (DQAM), Data Quality Rules Manager (DQRM), and Sensitive Data Discovery (SDD).

In this emerging information-driven era, organizations need quality data to remain competitive. Quality data is essential for framing innovative and quick business decisions. Our next-gen Data Quality solutions help you address all risks associated with data across your information assets and ensure that data fits your purpose by keeping its clean and accurate.

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Cloud Migration Services to Achieve Digital Transformation & Tangible Business Results

As the demand for flexibility and agility grows enormously, organizations are transforming their data, applications and other traditional internal IT systems to the cloud in order to gain profitability and efficiency.

Cloud migration is the process of moving valuable data, application, and others business elements to a cloud-based infrastructure. It is one of the most chose solution for the ever increasing needs of large scale organizations and SMEs.

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Human Resource Management Systems

HRMS is an amazing software application that supports a number of functions of the organization’s human resources department.

The Human Resource Management System is an amazing software application that supports a number of functions of the organization’s human resources department, including recruitment, hiring, attendance, utility administration, payroll, performance review, appraisals, leaves management, etc. It helps improve the productivity of the organization through the automation of monotonous tasks.

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We Help Businesses Benefit From AI Technology.
Being the best AI developer worldwide, we focus on developing advanced AI applications and enterprise solutions for global businesses.
  • 1

    Requirement Gathering

    With prioritizing client requirements, we provide technology-focused and AI-driven solutions.

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    Bottomless Analysis

    We analyze the client’s business requirements & unlock the true potential of their business.

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    Turnkey Solutions

    Our turnkey staffing, AI, and Data Quality Solutions ensure the best business outcomes.

Global Largest AI-powered App Development Company

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USM accelerates innovation with industry-specific best practices to help run your core business efficiently.

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Client testimonials

Satisfied clients are the bedrock of any strong business and ours is no exception.
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USM’s AI-powered solutions helped our C-level Executives to generate real-time reports and insights on operational activities performed across our various locations. They developed an AI-based virtual assistant that can learn and improve every business conversation automatically without manual effort.

Telecommunications Giant


USM optimized the capability of our m-learning applications. We achieved 40% increased students subscription. We are succeeding beyond our targeted boundaries with implementing USM’s AI solutions. Thanks to USM!

BYJU’s, the Learning App

Bangalore, India

USM has delivered an incredible predictive analytics solution to us and made us a performance driven online retailer in India. Compared to prior financial years, we witnessed 50% of increased sales during the year.


Bangalore, India

We partnered with USM to fill a skill gap across our IT domains. New hires helped us to complete the major IT project we targeted within deadlines as promised to our clients.

IT Company

Dallas, USA



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